Wisconsin Public Television Feature

January 2014

Artistic creativity – and love – don’t understand the bounds of geography.

ACC/Balvenie Rare Craft Fellowship Finalists

April 2017

Library Salon Series: The Collaborative Relationship of Wence and Sandra Martinez

June 2017

An epic story of art, love, and collaboration between master weaver Wence Martinez and symbolist painter Sandra Martinez.

United States Artists

January 18, 2018

Our 2018 Fellows represent the remarkable breadth and depth of the American cultural landscape.

American Craft

June-July 2017

Balvenie Rare Craft Finalist

American Craft

April-May 2017

Woven Together: Wide World of Craft

MOWA Museum of Wisconsin Art

August 2016

Woven Together: Traditional Textiles Meet Modern Design

Door County Living

Summer 2013

To the Smithsonian and Home Again: Martinez Studio garners national recognition

Indian Country Today

December 14, 2011

Looming Large: Wence Martinez has taken his traditional craft honed over centuries into the world of contemporary art and become a dream weaver.